About Energi Coast

About Energi Coast

Energi Coast, which was set up in 2011, is the representative group for the North East of England’s offshore renewables sector; promoting the extensive offshore renewable energy sector expertise from the region and North East England’s unique offering to the industry.

The leading offshore renewables supply chain companies in North East England have been brought together by NOF Energy to form Energi Coast.

Energi Coast promotes:

  • The capabilities of regional companies in servicing the offshore renewables markets in the UK, Europe and Globally.
  • The key competencies of North East England’s integrated energy sector supply chain
  • The collaborative approach being taken by the regional renewables supply chain to bring innovation and technology to projects
  • North East England’s excellent infrastructure and logistics capabilities enabling it to become an operational hub for the offshore renewables sector
  • The benefits of investing in North East England by key clients within the sector to further strengthen the regional offering and make best use of local supply chain expertise.

Chairman’s Message

Offshore wind is an essential part of the UK’s energy mix and industrial strategy. Offshore wind already generates 5 per cent of the UK’s electricity and by 2020 this will double to over 10 per cent.

From the very earliest developments in renewable energy the North East of England has been seen as a region with the right industrial heritage and modern progressive and innovative business environment to be at the forefront of this new source of energy.

There are now a number of businesses in the North East of England playing major roles in offshore wind projects across Europe. This is why the region is seen as having the potential to become a global hub for the offshore renewables industry and specifically for offshore wind.

In particular the offshore oil & gas sector has led to the creation of a supply chain that is now playing an ever increasing role in the development of the UK’s offshore wind industry. The expertise and skills acquired in developing products and services for one of the harshest environments for recovering hydrocarbons is now being used by hugely innovative and entrepreneurial businesses to ensure that the UK economy benefits in every way from the growth of renewable energy.

Without doubt the North East supply chain, as represented by Energi Coast, is playing a vital role in ensuring that energy derived from renewable sources will form an essential part of a balanced energy mix in the UK. With the industry investing over £18bn in projects over the next five years, the North East supply chain is well positioned to win its fair share of contracts.

The experience gathered in UK and European waters is now being viewed as a major asset that will help UK businesses secure work across the globe.

Developers in the USA and further afield into Europe and Asia are looking at UK companies to assist with the first wave of offshore renewables projects and this will undoubtedly provide significant opportunities for businesses based in North East England.

Although Energi Coast’s main objective is to promote the capabilities of the North East of England and its businesses it also has a major role to play in identifying the global opportunities that exist for the wider NOF Energy renewables supply chain members to remain at the forefront in developing new technologies for the global energy market.



George Rafferty

Interim Chairman, Energi Coast

November 2016