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Passionate About North East England

North East England’s geographic location, vast coastline and excellent land and port infrastructure makes it an ideal place to set up a business in offshore wind. North East England has a long history in manufacture and the region’s strengths and heritage as a maritime and industrial powerhouse provides the foundation for a strong and vibrant offshore wind sector. At the heart of regional economic development our combined authorities have offshore wind as a priority sector in their local industrial strategies. 

Working closely with the Energi Coast cluster, the combined authorities are proactive in their approach to showcase the dynamic, well established supply chain that exists in the region and to ensure local offshore wind projects such as Dogger Bank Wind Farms and the Sofia Offshore Wind Farm maximise as much local content as possible. 

Companies who choose to invest in North East England’s booming offshore wind industry will also benefit from a first-class level of support to help them become established and quickly embedded into the local cluster. 

About Offshore Wind in North East England

North East England is a region synonymous with the offshore wind sector; It has been instrumental in the development of the industry since its inception in 2000, and is home to an established and diverse supply chain cluster of around 300 companies, which continues to lead the way in innovation and technology-led solutions.


Did you know?

The North East of England was home to the first Offshore Wind Farm in Blyth (2x2 MW) in 2000 and we are now home to what will be the worlds largest Offshore Wind Farm, Dogger Bank Wind Farm (190x13 MW, Dogger Bank A&B)


Energi Coast is one of 8 UK offshore wind clusters. A focus on developing clusters was a key part of the UK Offshore Wind Sector Deal signed in 2019. Significant progress has been made through bringing together key stakeholders in each region with an interest in offshore wind. The main objective being to develop regional offshore wind strategies and action plans which includes promoting regional capabilities, attracting inward investment, investing in innovation, encouraging exports and connecting the supply chain to Academia, Innovation, Ports, Developers with local projects and Regional Government for mutual benefit. The eventual outcome is bringing new business to the region and creating new jobs with long term career opportunities. 

Offshore Wind Sector Deal

The Offshore Wind Sector Deal builds on the UK’s global leadership in offshore wind, maximising the advantages for UK industry from the global shift to clean growth. Some of the key aspects of the sector deal are developing 40GW of offshore wind by 2030, increasing UK content to 60%, increasing exports by 5-fold and establishing the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership to focus on increasing productivity and competitiveness. Other ambitions include increasing the level of BAME and female representation in the industry, upgrading UK infrastructure for future projects, demonstrating a long-term pipeline of projects through CfD, investing in skills development, a focus on innovation and of course developing clusters working on the frontline of industry to help deliver some of these key ambitions. 


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