The Energi Coast Podcast

A Spin on Offshore Wind

A Spin on Offshore Wind is the brand-new podcast brought to you by Energi Coast, North East England’s offshore wind cluster.

In this series of podcasts join NOF’s Caroline Lofthouse as she brings you insights, project updates and interviews from key cluster members who are shaping offshore wind. From subsea cables to the US supply chain and regional development, A Spin on Offshore Wind has all aspects of the industry covered.

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Episode 3

The UK Supply Chain in a Global Market

In this episode, Caroline is joined by NOF board member Alan Lowdon OBE and JDR Cables director John Price. They look beyond our own shores to discuss how the UK supply chain has established itself as part of the global market, the geographies in which its present and the role of the North East in exporting expertise.

Episode 2

Inward Investment in Offshore Wind

In this episode, host Caroline Lofthouse is joined by Chris Beck, Director of Business and Skills at the Tees Valley Combined Authority and Guy Curry, a Director at Invest North East England.

This week's episode focuses on inward investment and why North East England is an ideal destination for companies looking to establish themselves in the region and be part of the supply chain cluster.

Episode 1

The story of the offshore wind supply chain

In this episode, host Caroline Lofthouse speaks to Tony Quinn who is the Chair of Energi Coast.

With more than 40 years in the power generation industry, Tony is also Test and Validation Director at ORE Catapult, which has its National Renewable Energy Centre in Blyth in Northumberland.

He tells Caroline about why the North East of England has become integral to the offshore wind industry and the influence of its strong supply chain.

More episodes coming soon...


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