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Lead by Port Training Services

By enabling collaboration between education and employers, the aim is to build a pipeline of skilled talent to support growth in the sector. Not only for North East England businesses, but to act as a UK centre of excellence in skills provision for the offshore wind sector as it continues to grow and innovate.

The region’s education, training and skills providers have come together through Energi Coast to form an off shore wind skills group. This group brings together industry representation, with the region’s five universities, eight FE colleges and a range of private training providers servicing the sector. The group has identified a combined offer of over 270 courses being provided into the offshore energy and engineering sectors, and is working collaboratively and with industry to refine and build on this offer to provide for the sector’s current and future needs.

Paul Parry, Business Manager – Energy & Industrial, Port Training Services , Energi Coast Skills Group Lead

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Career Stories

Hear from one of Osbit's graduates talking about their role and how this links to the school curriculum through maths and science, but also the importance of skills such as creativity and problem solving.

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