As a key pillar of the offshore wind sector deal, people and skills forms an important stream of work for the Energi Coast cluster. Both understanding and meeting the skills needs for today, but also into the future as the sector continues to innovate and evolve. A skills sub-group, facilitated by the North East LEP, leads the reviewing of future skills need in the sector, and is coordinating skills pathways with institutions and training providers.

Andrew Esson, Director of Industrial Strategy, Newcastle College, Energi Coast Skills Group Lead

Offshore Wind Sector Deal

The Offshore Wind Sector Deal is an ambitious, long-term strategy.  By 2030 offshore wind will provide over one-third of the UK's electricity and the workforce will triple in size. Many of these jobs will be highly skilled and in coastal communities. The industry is working to improve its gender and ethnic diversity, increasing the number of apprentices, employing former armed forces personnel and developing an Offshore Energy Passport to facilitate movement into the industry.

Celia Anderson, of RenewableUK

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Hear from one of Osbit's graduates talking about their role and how this links to the school curriculum through maths and science, but also the importance of skills such as creativity and problem solving.

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