Local businesses offer young Sea Cadets the chance to explore careers in the maritime sector

Posted on 10 July 2024

Local businesses offer young Sea Cadets the chance to explore careers in the maritime sector

Youngsters from Teesside District’s Sea Cadets have recently had the opportunity to participate in an engaging tour of local businesses to give a flavour of future career paths that exist within the maritime industry.

The group of 12 young people, who’s ages ranged from 12 to 18, were part of an initiative organised by The Marine Society and Sea Cadets Tyne/Tees branch.  Participating in the initiative were three maritime-focused organisations who opened their doors to inspire the next generation of sea farers.

The project began earlier this year with a visit to Svitzer Marine at Teesport, a global leader providing safe towage solutions in and out of ports and terminals. The cadets were given the opportunity to drive Svitzer Marine’s tug simulator, and taken on a tour of a moored vessel.

In an exciting development, the tugs were called to work during the visit and the cadets were authorised to sail with the team and watch the action unfold as they safely guided a ship into North Tees.

Next, the group visited AV Dawson’s Port of Middlesborough facility on the River Tees. The port operator runs a thriving hub of activity, and the cadets were educated in the huge variety of job roles that exist within both the organisation and the wider port industry. Included in the visit was a tour of the dockside and warehouse, and the chance to view the port in 3D virtual reality.

The initiative concluded with a visit to safety training provider to the global energy sector, RelyOn Nutec at Haverton Hill Industrial Estate. The focus of this tour was practical, hands-on exercises, designed to give the cadets an insight into the type of training that is essential to keep people and assets safe in the maritime sector. Activities included firefighting techniques and fire extinguisher training, where it was impressed upon the cadets the importance of having a trained and competent emergency response team onboard a vessel to respond should the unthinkable happen.

Demonstrating the increasingly important role that digital tech plays in the sector, the cadets once again used technology during this last visit, this time in the form of misty goggles which simulate a smoke-filled environment, allowing students to practice evacuation techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Concluding the visit to RelyOn, was a demonstration of the environmental effects simulator which recreates storm conditions in the purpose-built survival pool, and an introduction to a marine life raft, with the chance to sit in and build it on dry land.

Talking after the visit to RelyOn, one of the cadets said, “The wave pool seems interesting and I enjoyed putting the fires out and walking around the containers in the misty googles. It made me realise how different seeing the environment is with and without smoke. I am interested in joining the Navy so this had given me some knowledge I would need during my training.”

Project organiser, Wendy O’Donnell added, “Having had these opportunities as a youngster myself with the local Sea Cadets, I felt it was important to get the cadets seeing the career opportunities available across the Maritime and Port Industry especially as this particular age group would have missed out on so much in the past few years.

“On behalf of the group, I’d like to thank everyone who gave up their time and resources to invest in our local cadets, who may well one day become our future staff and leaders.”

Marine Society and Sea Cadets North East hope to roll this project out to other youngsters and would welcome community support, both for this initiative and the wider work of the organisation. To get involved, enquiries should be directed to the Teesside group at do@teessideseacadets.co.uk.

Young people who are interested in joining the sea cadets can find out more and sign up online at https://www.sea-cadets.org/.




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