AAF International

AAF International

Bring Clean Air to Life in the Energy Sector

Company Profile

AAF International was founded in 1921 in Louisville, KY. Today, AAF operates in 22 countries across four continents and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air filtration solutions. AAF International offers fully comprehensive, innovative solutions for protecting against airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants in residential, commercial, industrial and energy applications.

Product Life Cycle Stages: TurbineOperation, Maintenance And Service
Supply Chain Categories: T.1.5.8 CoolingT.1.10.3 Cooling
Experience in Offshore Wind

AAF International is relatively new to the offshore wind sector but has a very strong foundation in offshore air filtration. For over half a century AAF has been providing air filtration systems to OEMs and Operators in the energy sector, with a wealth of experience in the gas turbine and reciprocating engine markets across the power generation and oil and gas sectors. We are currently working with Wind Turbine OEMs to provide nacelle air ventilation systems and have developed a specialist system suitable for any air ventilation or air intake cooling requirement in an offshore wind farm.