ALM Engineering Solutions

ALM Engineering Solutions

Robitics & Automation specialist, precision engineering & End of Arm tooling design/supply
ISO:9001 Accredited

Company Profile

Cobots Online are an automation & robotics specialist. We work closely with clients to review their business and advise where automation and robotics could best be utilized to maximise the returns on their investments.

We can advise and design a bespoke solution tailored to the client from concept to execution. A full assessment proposal will be provided indicating investments required and an example of the returns that could be expected.

Cobots Online has a wealth of multi-industry experience to draw from across, manufacturing, engineering, automotive and oil & gas to name a few and can draw upon this experience to advise our clients.

We primarily work with collaborative robots (cobots) and as an integrator can advise the correct project solution and suggest how to set-up, install and train staff to best utilize this going forward.

In addition we are also provide subcon engineering services and are proficient with industrial robots, factory automation and End of Arm Tooling design for all sizes of companies from SMEs up to OEM production levels.

With an Engineering & Manufacturing background, Cobots Online understand the key factors that need to be addressed and can provide a “real world solution” offering either a full turn-key solution or specific focus to best assist the client.

Product Life Cycle Stages: Balance of Plant
Supply Chain Categories: B.1.1.3 Cable AccessoriesM.2.1 <100kg
Experience in Offshore Wind

Cobots Online has a wide range of experience supplying into the offshore sector and it's combination of automation expertise and precision engineering capability make it a excellent partner for potential offshore wind projects.