Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd

Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd

Cathodic Protection, ICCP system. Corrosion Asset Monitoring.
ISO:9001 Accredited

Company Profile


Our Business

Corrpro Companies (Corrpro) is an international provider of multi-discipline engineering and technical services offering an integrated asset protection and preservation capability, focused primarily on corrosion processes. However, our technical teams are routinely called upon to solve complex situations and operational and mechanical integrity of assets is often involved.

At Corrpro, we are dedicated to enabling the owners and operators of energy, infrastructure and utility network assets, through use of our advanced technologies and systems solutions, to more successfully plan, manage and leverage the value of their assets to achieve their business vision.

We have a detailed understanding of the technical and business needs of owners and operators of assets and unrivalled experience in delivering high value solutions to service those needs.  Corrpro has clients in more than 50 countries. This large and growing family of clients shows our solutions meet the diverse and demanding requirements of clients worldwide.

Our People

One of our greatest assets is our people. We have a staff of more than 560 highly qualified and skilled professionals who bring with them a wealth of experience.  At all times their professionalism and dedication will be obvious as they focus on achieving your business goals with maximum efficiency and with a view to exceeding your expectations.

Corrpro brings a tradition of technical and service excellence combined with a reputation for delivering solutions with real commercial impact.

Our Heritage

Aegion was founded in 1971. Corrpro is celebrating its 37th anniversary this year, having been founded in 1984 under the commercial laws of the State of Ohio. Between 1987 and 1994, Corrpro acquired nine (9) companies in businesses related to corrosion control to expand its footprint and portfolio. Corrpro operates the largest commercial business unit within Aegion’s Corrosion Protection Platform, covering operations in the USA, Canada and the UK.

Corrpro provides services to a diverse client base, predominantly focused in the oil & gas industry but also in the chemicals, defence, food, power and municipal water industries. This diverse market has resulted in the development of several specialty teams within the organization, to support specific disciplines such as pipeline integrity, induced AC mitigation and corrosion engineering.

One of Corrpro’s primary businesses is related to corrosion prevention via a process called cathodic protection (CP), that also includes installation and commissioning services. Corrpro owns and operates an assembly and fabrication facility for specialty materials for CP projects. These materials are used by company construction crews on projects and are also sold to clients separately.

Our Products and Services

Corrpro’s solutions improve our clients’ knowledge of the performance and condition of their assets, providing the foundations for direct improvement of financial performance, operational efficiency, customer service and regulatory compliance.  Leading energy and water delivery companies are working with Corrpro to implement integrated solutions, allowing them to rapidly determine, distribute and act on performance knowledge of their assets.

Corrpro supplies a wide range of consultancy services to support the planning, design and operation of oil and gas, power and municipal water installations from up-stream through transmission, distribution and product utilization. This includes the application of advanced engineering expertise, hazard and risk management, integrity management, asset optimization, legislative compliance and due diligence.

Integrated Service Offering – Added Value

We offer a range of key expertise across the entire spectrum of asset integrity management, including protection and preservations of assets, as an integrated service offering. For any project we deliver to a Client, we will be able to draw on specialist expertise from across our full technical capability to support our delivery. In many cases, we also call upon the support from other Aegion companies when it comes to refurbishment and repair requirements.


Corrpro’s team of experienced and qualified technical personnel brings civil, chemical, electrical, industrial and mechanical disciplines and many years of applied industry experience to every project for our clients. We have a staff of more than 560 highly qualified and skilled professionals, including 264 people with varying degrees of NACE certification and 39 registered professional engineers, who bring with them a wealth of experience.  At all times their professionalism and dedication will be obvious as they focus on achieving your business goals with maximum efficiency and with a view to exceeding your expectations.


Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Aegion Corporation. Corrpro is part of Aegion’s Corrosion Protection Platform and has operations in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Corrpro Europe’s roots are in the Marine and Offshore sectors through it’s Wilson Walton business, the company changed its name from Wilson Walton to Corrpro following its acquisition by Corrpro in 1994.

Corrpro Europe is a prime manufacturer/supplier of Cathodic Protection equipment.  We offer a complete range of cathodic protection products including transformer rectifiers, junction boxes, mixed metal oxide, platinised titanium and silicon iron impressed current anodes and zinc, aluminium and magnesium sacrificial anodes, monolithic isolating joints, cables, reference electrodes, corrosion rate probes, water chemistry monitoring devices, etc.

Corrpro also manufactures Hockway transformer rectifiers and junction boxes, including ATEX and IECE certified hazardous area units, at its facility in Stockton-on-Tees, England, UK.

The engineering, project management and control for this project will be provided by personnel working

from Corrpro Europe’s in offices in Stockton-on-Tees, UK. All cathodic protection engineering activities

will be conducted under the direction of a NACE or ICorr accredited Cathodic Protection Specialist or

Professional Engineer.


Benefits afforded to Client working with Corrpro  

  • Corrpro is the largest dedicated Cathodic Protection Company in the world, manufacturing and maintaining extensive stocks of CP materials. Corrpro holds the appropriate level of insurance cover and credit facilities to undertake large international projects.


  • Corrpro Europe manufacture custom-made Transformer Rectifiers, Remote Monitoring and Control and Junction Boxes to suit the Cathodic Protection industry.
  • Corrpro Europe has extensive international experience in the cathodic protection of petrochemical plants, Oil refineries storage tanks, buried and mounded vessels, cross country pipelines and marine and offshore structures including Wind Farms and Interferences of ac and dc currents.
  • Corrpro Europe provides integrated project engineering and field teams from its UK bases in Stockton-on-Tees to see projects through from inception to final commissioning, provision of As-built documentation packages and beyond, including on-site training and maintenance Programs
  • All engineering services for this project would be carried out under the direction of a NACE Accredited CP/Corrosion Specialist or ICORR Certified UK Professional Engineers. All technical documents would be reviewed and signed off by the specialist.
  • Corrpro Stockton-on-Tees facility in the UK has both a Material Assembly site and Transformer Rectifier Manufacturing Facility, the site can be fully utilised to meet the specific requirements of this project
  • Corrpro Europe has worked in the North Sea on many projects on many offshore projects, which would ensure cost-effective engineering and project management
  • Corrpro Europe has an existing ICCP windfarm solution including remote monitoring and control, which can be utilised for this project
  • Previous experience with Offshore EPC contractors



Export Markets: Netherlands
Experience in Offshore Wind

Innogy Gwynt y Mor CP Rehabilitation