Flexlife Limited

Flexlife Limited

Providing cable and riser analysis expertise (global, fatigue, installation) and Cable Protection Systems (CPS) support.

Company Profile

Flexlife was founded over 15 years ago with the objective of providing independent consultancy services to the offshore oil & gas industry, specifically subsea products such as flexible pipes, umbilicals and related ancillaries. Today Flexlife is recognised as the leading flexible pipe integrity management company in the world, specialising in analysis,  inspection, testing and repair solutions. In addition, Flexlife has carried out several projects in the role of consultant or owner’s engineer, providing consultancy in FEED and detailed design studies. We have years of experience in carrying out analyses in Orcaflex and other software, witnessing of manufacturing and installation activities, and conducting forensic investigations following the failure of offshore equipment.

This range of experience is now being put to good use in the offshore wind industry where we are building a track record related to cables and Cable Protection Systems (CPS) both related to fixed and floating designs. In terms of green hydrogen, we are also looking to utilise our extensive dynamic riser and flowline experience in this area.

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Experience in Offshore Wind

Flexlife are currently building a track record related to cables and Cable Protection Systems (CPS) and as of September 2022 have carried out two successful projects in this area. One project involved carrying out a technical review of competing CPS designs and engineering work for a customers tender, providing assistance to our client in choosing the most robust solution for their particular field. In addition we have supported another offshore wind scope recently where Flexlife provided expertise pertaining to the dynamic analysis of a cable and CPS system to assess the suitability of the configuration. To expand on our responsibilities, this scope included:

  • Review of the dynamic analysis, cable configuration assessment, offering assistance and advice to the CPS manufacturer;
  • Review of Orcaflex models, focusing on stability and ballast requirements in particular;
  • Review of design reports, including the global analysis and fatigue assessments;
  • Discussion and review of potential CPS and cable failure modes, and mitigation;
  • Take part in design and analysis meetings offering 3rd party expertise.