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Company Profile

We’re HT, a specialist video, animation and photography agency.

We work in the Health and Social Care, Energy and Sustainability, Engineering andManufacturing and Training and Education sectors.

We’re story-driven, but don’t have a fixed house style. We flexibly adapt to ensureour work reflects your brand and effectively tells your story. Our proactive, inquisitiveapproach ensures we discover the best solutions.

We’re people-focused; building long-lasting relationships with clients throughoutthe UK.

Our extensive experience with respected clients such as ORE Catapult and the Coal Authority ensures we’re well equipped with the knowledge and gear needed to keep up with the non-stop industrial sector.

We know that every organisation is different, and therefore will have different needs and desired message for their video. That is why we always take the time to work with you and identify what those needs are, to ensure we can meet them.

No matter the size or complexity of the project we’re well equipped for any challenge. Whether it’s simply a series of interviews, or more specialised aerial filming, whether the project has a quick turn around or lasts a few months- our expertise guarantees we’ll get it done on budget and on time.

Experience in Offshore Wind

We have an extensive experience in creating video content for the Offshore Wind sector. We are on ORE Catapult's framework and have been their main supplier of video in the North East and Scotland for 5 years. 

Through this we have created countless videos and social media pieces for ORE Catapult and their partners. This has ensured we have the knowledge and gear to get the most from your projects.