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Kinewell Energy

We are a UK-based worldwide company offering state of the art infrastructure optimisation solutions that support our global transition to a net-zero society.
ISO:9001 Accredited

Company Profile

Kinewell Energy develops and commercialises innovative technologies that add significant scalable value and impact positively on social and environmental challenges. We are leaders in developing lifetime cost optimisation solutions for low carbon technologies using advanced mathematical and artificial intelligence techniques.

We are a UK based, worldwide business with a successful history of delivering both inter-array optimisation consultancy and KLOC licensing to the European, Japanese, US, South Korean and Chinese offshore wind markets. Our team have delivered offshore wind cable layout optimisation projects cumulatively totalling 13.1GW, in addition to those projects undertaken by our clients under license. We collaborate with developers, EPC contractors, cable installers, cable manufacturers, consultancies, CPD training providers, research institutions and innovation funding providers.

Our KLOC software, Highly Commended by the IET Innovation Awards, rapidly designs an economically optimised inter-array cable layout for an offshore wind farm based on the locational and cost data it is presented with. KLOC enables offshore wind farm inter-array cost savings typically in the region of 20% of cable system CAPEX over the operational life. The KLOC inter-array cable layout optimisation tool:

- Reduces cable system CAPEX through reduced cable length

- Reduces electrical transmission losses and maximises energy sales

- Improves cable system reliability and reduces downtime

- De-risks key decisions such as substation location and choice of cable type

- Enhances engineering team productivity through digitalisation and automation

- Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, using desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile via an intuitive graphical web-app

Experience in Offshore Wind

We have KLOC licenses currently held by offshore wind developers, cable manufacturers and consultants across the European, US, and Japanese offshore wind markets. 

Our team also has 13.1 GW of inter-array cable layout optimisation advisory experience in the European, Japanese, US, South Korean and Chinese offshore wind markets. A sample of our track record is included below.

Equinor, EDF Renewables and OREC Catapult

Kinewell Energy are one of five companies selected by offshore wind industry giants Equinor, EDF Renewables and ORE Catapult to be initially awarded a share of £1.7m through the Technology, Innovation and Green Growth for Offshore Renewables (TIGGOR) programme[1]. Our funded project will see us deliver on a new-to-market game-changing technology related to offshore wind inter-array cable systems, and will substantially contribute towards the industry’s continuous cost reduction trajectory. Due to our success in delivering on KPIs, our project scope was subsequently increased with a share of a further £800k of match funding[2].

Equinor, Beacon Wind, >2 GW

Kinewell Energy utilised KLOC to optimise the inter-array cable layout of the >2 GW Beacon Wind project located in the US. The work considered many different project uncertainties, such as: various turbine sizes, base and overplanting capacities, substation location, cable types and radial vs branched networks. The cable layouts were optimised for both minimum CAPEX, and minimum of CAPEX plus OPEX considering electrical losses and unavailability losses. The work provided information that de-risked numerous key client decisions while also identifying substantial savings over the project life.

Confidential client, confidential installed capacity

A major European offshore wind developer engaged Kinewell Energy to re-analyse the inter-array cable system of one off their offshore wind farms, demonstrating relevant cost savings.

The aim of the study was to understand what potential savings could be enabled through innovative use of Kinewell Energy’s KLOC optimisation software. The study demonstrated that some flexibility in turbine layout, asset crossings, cable type selection, substation positioning, and export cable routing are key to achieving further optimized capital cost and added revenues through reduced transmission losses.

Confidential client, Hollandse Kust Zuid I&II, 700 MW

Repeat business from the client to support their tender for the Hollandse Kust Zuid I and II offshore wind farm. The KLOC software was used to optimise the geographical electrical connections for the 700 MW wind farm inter-array cables that link the 80 proposed turbines to the offshore substation. The Hollandse Kust Zuid I and II site has a number of pre-existing cables that are required to be crossed by the inter-array cable design. The KLOC software appropriately took the costs associated with crossing the existing cables into account and balanced these costs against the per unit inter-array cable purchase and installation cost, to develop an economically optimised inter-array design for the client. During the process, the KLOC software interrogated and evaluated in excess of 2.2 billion possible inter-array cable layouts.

Confidential client, 680 MW

Kinewell Energy utilised the KLOC software to optimise the radial inter-array cable layout of the offshore wind farm, consisting of up to 77 turbines. The study utilised an average cost of cable and optimised for minimum length taking into account the cost associated with crossing existing cable and pipeline infrastructure. During the optimisation process, in excess of 2.9 billion inter-array cable layouts were interrogated by the KLOC software.

Case study: Gwynt-y-mor, 576 MW

Kinewell Energy undertook a benchmarking case study to demonstrate the savings KLOC can deliver against the installed Gwynt-y-mor cable layout using publicly available data. The re-optimisation indicated that capital and operational savings of £2.2m were possible with a KLOC optimised design. The total length of cable reduced by 1.7 km and the electrical losses reduced by 1.2 GWh per year.

North East Business Innovation Centre

Debbie Simpson, Innovation Advisor at the NEBIC said:

“We funded the Kinewell Energy team to deliver on an innovation project that will lead to a new-to-market solution. Seeing Kinewell Energy’s pioneering ideas develop and become reality was very rewarding, and the company professionally delivered the project on time and on budget. I have no doubt that the new solution will be a commercial success and add significant value to Kinewell Energy’s client base while supporting societal decarbonisation efforts.