METEC Cathodic Protection Limited

METEC Cathodic Protection Limited

Market leading producer of galvanic anode Cathodic Protection Systems for the offshore renewable industries

Company Profile

Metec Cathodic protection Ltd is the market leading producer of galvanic anode Cathodic Protection Systems servicing the offshore renewable industries, offshore oil & gas, offshore drilling & production vessels, ports & harbours, and ship building and repairs.

Metec Group was established in 2006 to further strengthen the close collaboration between two successful companies in the cathodic protection sector, namely Metec Italia and Wilson Walton International. Both companies boast significant experience and successful track record in the design, development and production of active cathodic protection and antifouling systems.

It is upon these successful and long-established foundations that the impressive METEC UK anode manufacturing facility was established in South Tyneside in 2016, providing a solid base to support offshore wind activities in the North Sea and beyond. 

Experience in Offshore Wind

Metec has an excellent track record in a wide range of offshore wind market projects and activities, servicing a wide range of clients.

Galvanic Anode Cathodic Protection Systems are a key requirement for fixed and floating offshore wind and other renewable structures, and METEC is recognised as a key supplier of quality product and services to the likes of Smulders where we have partnered to design suitable protection systems for the specific requirements in Dogger Bank and other offshore wind farms being developed.

Our South Tyneside production facilities, experience, reputation for service excellence, and our technical knowledge continue to supply offshore wind projects with Cathodic Protection anodes and systems that protect Monopile and Transition Pieces, Jacket Foundations, and increase project environmental value whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

METEC boasts a full suite of ISO and other quality accreditations and has successfully completed the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership offshore wind supply chain programme which recognised our mature position in the industry supply chain.