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PD Ports

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PD Ports is one of the UK's leading port and logistics operators, operating out of 11 key locations nationwide and providing thousands of businesses with access to key global markets.  

The Port of Hartlepool, owned and operated by PD Ports, is a leading operations & maintenance base for the offshore industry and the nearest port to the world’s largest proposed offshore wind farm at Dogger Bank. 

As owner and operator of Tees Dock, the sixth largest port in the UK, PD Ports offers a comprehensive range of services including warehousing, freight forwarding, chartering, stevedoring and onward distribution.  

As well as it’s commercial activities, PD Ports is also the Statutory Harbour Authority for the Port of Tees and Hartlepool, known collectively as Teesport, responsible for a 12 mile stretch of the River Tees, which includes a section three miles out into the North Sea, overseeing all vessel traffic management, ensuring safe navigation and maintaining channel depths for the thousands of vessels that visit Teesport each year.