Power Systems Consultants UK Limited (PSC)

Power Systems Consultants UK Limited (PSC)

Specialist consultants to the electricity industry

Company Profile

PSC is a specialist consulting firm to the electricity industry delivering planning, analysis, development, and strategic advisory services related to power networks, operational technologies, HVDC, distributed energy resources, and market systems. Over 200 PSC employees serve clients throughout the UK and Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.

Product Life Cycle Stages: Professional Services (all stages)
Experience in Offshore Wind

PSC supports the global offshore wind market with independent services in specialised technical advisory, engineering and project management consulting. Using PSC’s expert technical and owner’s engineer services in the power sector, our clients build projects to their requirements, save on costs, optimise availability and mitigate risk. With our international resources, extensive technical knowledge and experience in offshore wind, power system studies, power networks engineering, and HVDC technology, PSC is well equipped to support any offshore wind project.