ProCon Wind Energy

ProCon Wind Energy

Electrifying Renewable Energy
ISO:9001 Accredited

Company Profile

ProCon Wind Energy provides custom-built electrical and technical solutions to the global renewable industries with specialty in the offshore and onshore wind industry as well as the solar industry.

Through its business units Construction, Engineering, Service and Solar, ProCon Wind Energy has gained a great track-record where its highly skilled and experienced technicians as well as staff have ensured quality on time at competitive prices.

Offering specialists solutions regarding design, engineering, pre-assembly, commissioning, installation (LV/MV/HV), tests, service, and maintenance within the electrical scope, ProCon has delivered solutions to more than 1450 transition pieces and jackets, which accounts for around 25% of today’s installed offshore wind turbine foundations. Furthermore, ProCon Wind Energy has also worked on >850 WTGs and Substations, worked offshore for >500.000 hours, and delivered engineering solutions to several solar developers.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are important aspects of ProCon Wind Energy’s business. Consequently, the company has a zero-incident culture, has obtained the international certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and is certified for its work with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The company DNA focuses on being the best on the market, decent in the way of doing business, streamlined to provide more effective solutions and flexible so it can go where and provide what the customers require.

Customers, partners, staff, etc. can find ProCon at its three locations in Denmark: Aalborg (HQ), Aarhus and Esbjerg, or at its subsidiaries/offices in Germany, UK, Poland, Belgium, Taiwan as well as in USA.

Supply Chain Categories: P.5.1 Layout design and OptimisationP.5.2 Turbine SelectionP.5.3 Foundation SelectionP.5.4 Electrical DesignP.5.5 Interface ManagementP.5.7 Installation MethodsB.4 Onshore SubstationB.4.6 SCADAB.4.5 Electrical PanelsB.4.4 SwitchgearB.4.3 ConvertersB.4.2 TransformerB.3.3.2 Fire & Blast ProtectionB.3.2 Auxiliary ComponentsB.3.2.6 Health & MonitoringB.3.2.5 SCADAB.3.2.4 Electrical PanelsB.3.2.3 SwitchgearB.3.2.2 ConvertersB.3.2.1 TransformerB.3.1 Electrical SystemB.3.1.1 HVAC SystemB.2.4 Corrosion ProtectionB.2.3 Transition PieceB.2.3.3 Davit CraneB.2.3.2 Internal PlatformsB.2.3.1 Crew Access System and Work PlatformB.2.2 JacketB.1.3 Cable ProtectionB.1.2 Array CableB.1.1 Export CableB.1.1.4 Cable Jointing and TestingB.1.1.3 Cable AccessoriesT.1.5 GeneratorT.1.5.9 MountingT.1.6 Power Take OffT.1.6.1 Power ConverterT.1.6.2 TransformerT.1.6.3 Switchgear and Electrical PanelsT.1.6.4 CablesT.1.7 Control SystemT.1.10.3 CoolingT.1.10.5 Fire ProtectionT.1.10.6 UPST.1.10.7 Internal Service CraneT.1.11 Nacelle CoverT.1.12 Small Engineering ComponentsT.1.12.2 Cable/Hose Handling SystemsT.1.12.4 Lightning ConductorsT.1.12.5 Small Fasteners and Other AccessoriesT.1.13.1 BoltsT.1.13.2 StudsT.1.13.3 NutsT.2.6 Rotor Auxiliary SystemsT.2.6.3 Maintenance Support FeaturesT.3 TowerT.3.2 Tower InternalsT.3.2.3 Electrical SystemT.3.2.4 LightingI.1 Foundation InstallationI.2 Offshore Substation InstallationI.3 Onshore Substation ConstructionI.5 Offshore Cable InstallationI.5.1.2 Cable Handling EquipmentI.5.4 Electrical Termination and TestingI.6 Turbine InstallationI.6.2 CommissioningO.2.1 Turbine Maintenance and ServiceO.2.1.1 Blade Inspection and RepairO.2.1.2 Nacelle Component Refurbishment, Replacement and RepairO.2.2 Balance of Plant MaintenanceO.2.2.1 Foundation Inspection and RepairO.2.2.2 Cable Inspection and RepairO.2.2.3 Scour Monitoring and ManagementO.2.2.4 Substation MaintenanceO.6.3 DronesS.3.1 ConsultancyS.3.10 RecruitmentS.3.11 R & DS.3.13 ProcurementS.3.15 Project Management and ToolsS.3.16 Health & Safety
Experience in Offshore Wind

ProCon has delivered design, engineering, pre-assembly, installation, commissioning and service for the global offshore wind industry since 2012, and thereby contributed to more than 75 offshore wind projects.


Specifically in the UK, ProCon Wind Energy has provided electrical engineering, construction and/or service to the following offshore wind projects: - Hornsea 1 - Hornsea 2 - Borssele 1&2 - Walney Extension - Walney - Beatrice - Gwynt Y Mor - Burbo Bank - Westermost Rough - Race Bank - Dudgeon - Gunfleet Sands - Galloper.