Remote Medical International

Remote Medical International

Saving and protecting workers' lives.

Company Profile

RMI provides clinically registered medical incident response services to renewable energy and oil and gas companies operating in remote and high-risk locations both on and offshore. We design bespoke medical solutions to support our clients globally, keeping your people safe and your operations running.

  • Medics/Paramedics
  • COVID-19 Medical Support Services Including Screening and Testing
  • 24/7 Topside Medical Support
  • Occupational Health
  • Bespoke Risk Management Solutions
Product Life Cycle Stages: Professional Services (all stages)
Experience in Offshore Wind

RMI brings a wealth of organisational knowledge and experience through demonstrated and ongoing performance with clients in offshore wind industry - providing consistent quality medical care in some of the most challenging locations on the planet. RMI work with renewables organisations including Aberdeen Renewables Energy Group, DeepWind, Forth & Tay Offshore, East of England Energy Group, ORE Catapult and Scottish Renewables to ensure we are at the forefront of best practice and have a comprehensive understanding of requirements for recruiting medics for the Offshore Wind industry.