Speciality Services relating to maintenance, inspection, manufacturing, workshop services for mechanical systems
ISO:9001 Accredited

Company Profile

TEAM is a world-wide leader in providing fully integrated industrial service solutions. Our company's modern-day achievements are built upon a proud legacy full of innovation, exceptional service and strong relationships, much of which was built through relationships in the United Kingdom. We are proud of our history and the companies that paved the path to creating a unified TEAM that provides the best services and products in the industry. Our proven business practices and deep knowledge of the local market mean that facilities can depend on our team of experts with confidence.

For nearly fifty years, TEAM has been the leading industrial services company in the United Kingdom, built upon a strong foundation of one of the company legacies. TEAM’s unique blend of mechanical, inspection and advanced engineering services provide clients from all industries with access to true turnkey services.

Experience in Offshore Wind

Team currently offer the following services in relation to Offshore Wind

In - Situ Machining

Technical Controlled Bolting (Torquing & Tensioning)

Generator shaft repairs

Gearbox repairs

Yaw drive and Break disc repairs

Portable machine products

NDE / Inspection services (inc lifts & ladders)

Composite repairs to Blades & Nacelles

Drone & robotic Inspection

Rope Access