We provide our AssetMonitor system and 24/7/365 monitoring services to monitor vessel movements and protect cables during installation and live operation.

Company Profile

UltraMAP  is dedicated to the protection of Subsea cables and ocean-based assets around the world. 

Our Obsession 

We take a restlessly determined approach to safeguarding cables and assets. Satisfied only when strike rates reduce. That’s our obsession.

The reduction of debilitating strikes on subsea cables and assets has been achieved on almost every UltraMAP assignment since launch in 2008.

Always On

UltraMAP is a truly global and ‘Always On’ organisation. Right now we are actively monitoring assets worth billions of pounds in every ocean of the world.

Seven continents. Every hour of every day. 

ASSETMONITOR  - Our Flagship Cable Monitoring and Protection Software Product.

AssetMonitor is one of the world’s longest established and most used Cable Monitoring and Protection Software Products.

Three Reasons

AssetMonitor collects and stores AIS (Automatic Identification System) Data. AssetMonitor does this and remains ‘always on’ for three main reasons:

  • Protected. To protect your cables in real time.
  • Prepared. So you and we can replay and analyse vessel movement around your cables. This helps identify, litigate for and influence emerging patterns of behaviour. Encouraging the good. Discouraging the bad.
  • Prewarned. By making decades of permissioned, stored data available to our industry via UltraMAP Data Services, UltraMAP remains at the hub of the global drive to more thoroughly research, understand and protect marine assets. 

UltraMAP Monitoring Services is an on-top/wraparound service for AssetMonitor  that can include:   

  • Manned Monitoring   
  • Monitoring Hardware   
  • Guard Vessels   
  • Marine Liaison

So UltraMAP Monitoring Services deliver broad monitoring services on your behalf.

You can still login to AssetMonitor of course, but you have the additional peace of mind that UltraMAP Monitoring Services is monitoring alerts and taking preventative action on your behalf – 24/7/365. 

Experience in Offshore Wind

MOG Project - Monitoring installation DolWin2 Windfarm - Monitoring installation HKZ Project - Monitoring installation