Utiligensia Limited

Utiligensia Limited

Online Training Courses in Renewable Energy and Cleantech

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Online Training Platform for Professional Training Courses in Renewable Energy and Cleantech.

The aim of our training is to provide a transformative learning experience that will increase your understanding of the renewable energy and clean technology sectors with courses offered at all levels, whether you're an aspiring new entrant seeking to improve basic industry knowledge, or a seasoned professional looking to boost your skills set in specific subject areas.

Covering a range of topics enabling our course participants to explore renewable energy technologies in greater depth and detail, providing insights into the technical, financial, commercial, health & safety, and legal aspects of the development, construction, operations and maintenance of renewable energy projects.

Experience in Offshore Wind

Experience in delivery of offshore wind development, construction and operational phases to a number of projects in UK and European waters, including Blyth Offshore Demonstrator (41.5MW), Aberdeen Bay (96.8MW), Kentish Flats Extension (49.5MW), DanTysk (288MW), Sanbank (288MW), NNG (450MW)